New Book, “Time 2 Break Free!”

It’s a simple and practical step-by-step guide for people who are looking to break free of their old limiting conditioning of the past to creating a new empowering and compelling future.

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It’s based around 7 key leadership principles:

  1. Mindset - Understanding how your mind works and acquiring and adopting the right mindset to deliver results.
  2. Values - Know what really drives you and commit and align your life to it.
  3. Success - What do you want? Define and achieve it using the 7 steps to long-lasting S.U.C.C.E.S.S.
  4. Emotions - Identify what is holding you back and release it. Learning to let go of all negative emotions that is no longer serving you.
  5. Purpose - Awaken Your Divine Birth Right and truly understanding and becoming aware of what your life purpose is really all about.
  6. Laws - Your Universe and your very existence in it… Is governed by laws. Discover the 8 Natural Laws of the Universe.
  7. Identity - who are you? Eradicate the negative labels you or others have called you or identified you by and create a new masterpiece of who you really want to become.

The book is written in a very easy to read and understand style that will appeal to all ages.

7 Key Leadership Principles that is simple, easy and practical in assisting individuals and teams to creating the life that they desire and deserve.

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  • How to release and heal your negative emotions
  • How to discover what your true purpose in life really is
  • How to set goals and consistently achieve them
  • How to manage your emotions by acknowledging, accepting and appreciating the past for what it truly is
  • How to live your life on your own terms without needing any external validation from others
  • How your mind truly works as a functioning human
  • How to incorporate the 8 Natural Laws of the Universe into your life so it works more easily, effectively and effortlessly

In a nutshell the book is about breaking free from your old conditioning, limitations and fears in life.

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fade-leftfade-rightWhat our customers are saying...

Time 2 Break Free is a must read book if you want to understand yourself better, improve your life, turn adversity into success and achieve a lot more.  You will be glad you read it.

Mac Attram
#1 International Best Selling Author (Face It & Fix It)

Tosin as the master communicator that he is, has taken a wealth of wisdom and crafted it into a book that caters for all our learning preferences, packed with information, exercises and concise summaries.

This is a must read for anyone that wants to truly understand what holds them back from having, doing and being anything they want in Life AND even more importantly - How to Break Free!

Harry Singha
The Speaker Coach & Philanthropist (2017 Global Humanitarian Award Winner)

Time To Break Fee is a book about breaking free from setbacks. If you are thinking of how to take your life and career to the next level or break free from living a life of mediocrity and unfulfilled dreams, this is a book for you. The book will teach you how to break free from doubt and achieve your full potential. In this book, Tosin shares 7 powerful principles that if applied would transformed your live to greater heights. It is a practical book, written in a simple easy to read style for all ages to enjoy. It is a must-read for anyone motivated to improving, their lives. It shows how anyone can aim high, move fast and excel.

Don’t just read the book, but implementation of the ideas in this book is where the true power of this book resides. So, take immediate action on the ideas in this book and it will change the course and direction of your life.  I highly recommend this book.

Dr Dayo Olomu
Motivational Speaker, Author, Trainer, Leadership Coach is the Vice Chair, CIPD South London; Founder, Dayo Olomu Foundation and board member, Southwark Diocesan Board of Education.

What a book! It is full of hidden secrets that can bless millions of people that are living in bondage. There is no better person to write the book than my friend Tosin Ogunnusi.

I shared a part of my life with him when he joined my secondary school then (Hope high school). I believed that was a traumatic period of his life. Tosin’s family was struggling financially.

Looking back now, it was obvious my friend has talent. I am excited that talent has been unfolded now and he has peace doing what he loves doing. The book will be a blessing to millions who are going through self-limitations. It will liberate those who have not discovered their true identity. It will be a guiding light to those who want to fulfil their destiny.

I have no reservations in recommending this book to everyone.

Oluwagbenga Adeoye
Financial Controller, Union Bank of Nigeria

In this practical book, Tosin takes you through his journey, indulging all of your senses as he shares his wisdom from his own perspective and experience.

His passion for NLP and other learning’s will put you through processes, doing mini exercises that create breakthroughs as you go along keep you engaged.

I first met Tosin around 1999 at an Amyn Dahya event and our friendship has flourished ever since. He always talked about making a difference and it makes me proud when I think of the incredible difference he is making to so many people today.

Tosin has put himself through the painful process of breaking himself up and reinventing himself on numerous occasions so that he can serve better. His positive attitude and commitment to constant growth has led him to great height and yet, something deep inside tells me he has not even started.

He asked me to be the best man at his wedding and I felt so honored, I remember thinking about our beautiful friendship and moments shared, I spent a few moments reflecting on our journey to that point and a few tears rolled down my face. Tosin is a kind-hearted soul, a gentleman and his passion for life is second to none. He is a Yes to life and his book reflects this, by the time you are finished with it, you too will have shifted your life to the next level for you.

Kalpesh Patel X
To Making A Difference, Love & Success Always

Tosin Ogunnusi hailing from Nigeria is the King of Empowerment and Motivation. For as long as I can remember he has been working his motivational brand of magic to enhance lives. In ‘Time to Break Free,” Tosin captures the fiery passion inherent in his name, and seen in the flame color attire he is known for. This book challenges you to break free, find your purpose and ignite your own fire. He shares a multitude of ways you can make massive, positive shifts in your life, break free of your constraints and live the life of your dreams. A must, get your copy now!

Caroline Shola Arewa
International Coach, Speaker, Trainer and Author of Energy 4 Life

As someone who has experienced Tosin’s training first hand it’s amazing to see him take his 25 years of widsom and condense it into one very powerful book. In Time 2 Break Free, Tosin manages to strike a balance between inspiring stories and practical advice you can action right away. But I think the most important thing you get from this book is a feeling. It’s one of hope and peace and belief that things can get better - no matter where you are in your journey. Whether you’re new to the world of personal development or a bit of geek like myself, I’m confident everyone will get something from this.

Marcus Hemsley
Co-Founder of Fountain Partnership - Google’s Global Award-Winner 2017 for Growing Businesses Online

Wow, this book really is an awesome resource. It's like having a blueprint for success right in your hands.

Not only is it easy to understand because the process is so intuitive but the questions and exercises are so practical and relative. They really require you to go within and think deeply and congruently to reveal your true self.

As a self proclaimed Personal Development Coach myself I can tell you that this book will be a number one go to for me for years to come.

Ben Jobson
Inspirational Speaker and Founder www.way2go.net.au

Tosin is a genuinely motivating individual and the methodology in this book will enable you to break free from the norm and create the life you deserve.

Andy Harrington
World-Class Public Speaking Expert and Sunday Times Bestselling Author (Passion Into Profit)

“Time to break free” will literary change your life forever! Tosin Ogunnusi writes like he speaks and shoots from the hip. This book of personal development will challenge your mind, your heart, all your senses, and emotions and make you rethink some aspects of your life. It will also make you hungry for more... Read it if you want to “Raise Your Game to limitless levels!”

Gilles Amadou Acogny
Co-Founder and CEO Acosphere Ltd. (A global) Management consultancy firm based in London.

Tosin’s book Time to Break Free is a very powerful tool on one’s way of self-development. It inspired me, taught me and made me ask myself important questions. What I especially liked is the way Tosin works with stories here. His stories and examples he serves us bring joy and valuable insights at the same time. The language is nice and easy to read. Finally and most importantly: this book heals. I catch myself looking forward to find some time to read more. It helped me in a tough moment and in fact empowered me. Now I know that I really CAN create a life I wish and deserve. Time to break free by Tosin Ogunnusi is definitely the book you must read.

Libuse Kalova
Easy Software – Prague

What a brilliant book (Time To Break Free). It seeks to help you as a reader breakthrough and break out of the limitations we all subconsciously have. It’s amazing how we choose the books we read based on what problems we have. However, the author has described how every human being can break through their own personal glass ceiling regardless of how successful they are, even when there’s no obvious problem. His style of writing makes the book easy to digest. I love the summaries at the end of each chapter as one can go back and review the whole book several times. This makes it a useful resource for anyone looking to achieve more and assess their blocks and progresses periodically.

Ola Adesanoye
Parent and Child Education Coach

The best thing ever is when you encounter teachers who are willing to give genuinely and openly and that's what Tosin is doing in his book.

He's sharing his knowledge and experience of years in the personal development sector and he's not holding back.

In a time when humankind is in so much need for such information to heal and grow, I can only recommend his book to sit by your bed side table and applaud his generosity, care and kindness that you just can't miss reading his book

Nezha Boussetta
Empowerment Coach, Bordeaux, France.

In life we all hold conditions & stories inside weighing us down whether it be from adversity tragedy or childhood - in this book Time to Break free Tosin has poured all his knowledge & wisdom into giving you all the tools to finally release the weight you have been carrying that weighs you down. A book you will return to again and again as you heal on different levels and are able to create a new life of new possibilities - highly recommended

Roslyn bell
Entrepreneur speaker & author

Tosin is amazing in showing you how to unleash your power, uncover your dreams and reach your goals. He knows this path by heart, and in his book he shares the steps to unleash your power. No matter where you are right now, prepare yourself for a big leap.

Denisa Riha Paleckova
Sex and Relationship Expert

The road to self-improvement is long and not always straightforward.

Tosin Ogunnusi’s ‘Time 2 Break Free’ book encourages readers to overcome fear and be persistent in a journey among the unknown. It is a fantastic read for anyone who wants to have mastery over his or her own life.

In a world where we are facing challenges everyday, this book is really helpful to get you to focus on what’s important and will help you not only overcome your challenges, but also will help you find your purpose and accomplish your goals.

Shelina Mawji
Well-being Coach- Press Pause.

Tosin has somehow managed to cram literally hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of coaching and training into one book! If you’re just starting on your personal development journey, or you’ve already started and are looking for advanced insights, this is a must read!

Nick James
International Speaker - CEO and Founder of Expert Empires.

Tosin is the master of motivation, his infectious energy and the rhythmic pitch of his voice makes all in the room stand up, listen and manifest change. This book is superb riddled with golden nuggets and a-ha moments that will certainly help you break free!"

Ketan Makwana
Serial Entrepreneur, International Speaker & Mentor

Tosin’s incredible understanding of the world, people and human nature makes him the ultimate Empowerment coach. He knows what it takes to make people excel and achieve great success. This book was a fantastic read. Tosin really has excelled in providing such valuable information for the readers. Are you lacking purpose in your life? Do you want to learn how you can train your mind to consistently achieve results? Well look no further, this book is a must read for you!

Mayooran Senthilmani
Finance Director, Author & Publisher

I have experienced Tosin’s Seminars and firewalks with over 1,000 of my team and people in the care sector over many years - His new book (Time 2 Break Free) shows his personal journey of transforming his life and giving the reader practical tips and ideas on transforming their own life’s to the next level!

Avnish Goyal
Chair of Hallmark Care Homes

TIME 2 BREAK is an absolute breath of FRESH AIR upon so many levels. Tosin’s depth of wisdom, mastery and knowledge are the exact truth that can be the difference that makes the difference in your life not to mention his high energy, fun personality and commitment towards transforming lives. Myself and family are long term client of Tosin and I highly recommend Tosin Ogunnusi’s products and services.

Sabrina Ben Salmi BSc
Award Winning Author, Multi-Award Winner, Mamas Secret Recipe, 21 Day Shift Happens

I have had to overcome some very difficult times in my life as a survivor of the 2002 Bali Bombing Terrorist attacks and being burnt to 60% of my body. I learnt a lot about how to challenge myself mentally and emotionally and push through the challenges I was faced. Reading Tosin's book Time To Break Free has given me the tools I need to push even further in my journey to personal fulfillment. I can't wait to read it again and start implementing these lessons that I know Tosin has dedicated his life to develop. This book is a must read no mater where you are in life.

Phil Britten
International speaker, author, Entrepreneur

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